Central Greece - Evia Tour

Duration of the Adventure Tour
7 days / 6 nights / 5 riding days

This is an Adventure tour you will want to do again and again! A wide range of dirt tracks combining mountain and sea, while passing through numerous archaeological and historical sights.

You will enjoy the best trails! Breathtaking landscapes, routes through streams, river crossings as well as high altitude passes. All this, of course with the support of our experienced guides who will help you develop your riding skills!

During the tour, we will pass through Delphi where it will be possible to visit the Archaeological Site (a renowned UNESCO world heritage site), located in upper central Greece. Then we will head towards Parnassos Mountain, riding through beautiful forest and end up at the port of Arkitsa to grab the ferry to Evia. In particularly, we will visit Edipsos, a small town with thermal springs by the sea!

On the last day of the tour, we will grab the ferry from Marmari to Rafina and back to our company’s headquarters.

Five riding days in total, on different terrains, gravel, rock, fast or slow, so you have time to enjoy the tour to its fullest!

Regardless of how experienced you are, we promise you that your adrenaline will be sky high!

An unforgettable adventure!