MotorCycle Rental and MotorCycle Storage in Athens,
Greece - Europe

ADVENTURE GREECE is a motorcycle rental company that aims to offer to each costumer high quality services. EXPLORE alternative ways to move through nature and cities and travel around GREECE, spending wonderful memorable vacations.

The weather in GREECE is our friend throughout the year, which makes it perfect to ride no matter the season.


Our KTM Adventurebikes are the latest models from 2020/2019. We make sure our motorbikes are always serviced and checked by professionals in order to keep up with our highest standards. Keep in mind that our official KTM mechanics are working constantly to achieve and maintain an excellent condition for the motorbikes and facilitate a smooth performance for you to enjoy every kilometer on your tour and to ensure you experience fantastic holidays.

We offer you various drop off/ pick up locations such as Central Athens, Airport Athens, Rafina Port, Patras, Ioannina and Kalabaka.

Our country with its ancient historical background and its -full of contradictions- natural habitat is the ultimate destination for any motorbike rider who seeks a different kind of adventure and experience.

To properly read your needs we want to know as much as possible about you. This way we will ensure the perfect communication.


Rent.. Ride.. Explore..
Don't just drive, live the experience!