Rental and Storage Prices

Detailed pricing for our Motorcycle Rental and Motorcycle Storage in central Greece

Contact us and we guarantee to get back to you in less than 12 hours.

Rental Motorcycle Prices

390 KTM ADV/ day790 KTM ADV/ day

2-3 days70 €

130 €

4-6 days65 €120 €

7+ days60 €110 €

Optional Motorcycle rental extras:

GPS    15€ / Day
Extra driver     10€ / Day
Inner Bags for Top+ Side Cases    5€ / Day

In our facilities you can also find the Flagshipstore KENNY GREECE and you are more than welcome to check online both the apparel and equipment as well as our offers. Let us know what you like and need before your visit in the store, so we can make sure to have everything you need, especially in your size.

Motorcycle Storage Prices

5 €29 €70 €